Independence 09′

It was recently Independence Day in America. On Independence day of 2009 large thunderheads developed all over Central Oregon. Just Before sunset, many of the thunder cells went active with Intra-cloud lightning which is considered a common form of lightning activity. The great thunderheads were bursting and undulating with light. They were airborne jellyfish. Capturing the image required multiple time elapsed exposures leading up to and away from civil sunset.

Lightning, to me, is a magical and visceral exhibit of natures power and beauty. On average, 58 people are killed and another 300 are injured every year by lightening. 16 million lightning storms occur worldwide each year and an estimated 25 million strikes occur in the United States annually. When strikes occur, they heat the surrounding air to around 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit (27760 Celsius) and can travel nearly 140,000 miles per hour (220,000 km/h).

May the days of summer bring on the beauty and splendor of natures immense power. And always enjoy from a safe vantage.


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