ParkPoolIn the failing light of a July summer night, a newly visible waxing moon appeared for a few fleeting moments before disappearing behind one of Oregon’s largest peaks in Three Sisters Wilderness Area. MattSelahBrokenTopA sliver of a crescent moon was yet another treat of the Cascade high country. After a heavy spring snow season in the Pacific Northwest, snow just begins to


diminish in July providing the early treats of summertime high country. Bright colored algae grows in depressions and sun cups in the snow. Pooling water gathers in low points revealing arctic blues and roiling water emerges from the ground, meandering until a great drainage is formed.MattUpperSnowCreek

Planking out, lowering my face to one of the many springs, my mouth takes in water. It’s cold sweetness, consumed and in that instant, the act of drinking water soon after making the transition from a crystalline to liquid state connects me to both nature and humanity.



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