Glacier National Park – T-Bird, The Great Notch and Evil Lake Plotting Our Demise

Wind born rain smacked jackets, wetted faces, swamped feet and chilled hands striding through a beyond imagination landscape. It could be another universe, but who’s to say? The elements are supposed to be without personality, but wise and foolish alike may reveal to each other their experiences that suggest otherwise. Stones of sedimentary make and model, sculpted and polished sing the songs of another time when persistent ice covered this place. If stones could talk would they agree with the wise and foolish that the elements do indeed have personality? On this day the elemental forces appear to be an angry trickster partially shrouding peaks and ridge-lines, but only enough to invite the curious further into the gauntlet. Watch your step, watch your footing! Be ever vigilant for the antagonist, but before the alarms go off the trickster strikes a first blow. Love is on the ground, not once but twice and looks hurt and stunned . Custer, Kinnerly, Kintla, Boulder and Carter are all laughing and clapping to the cue cards as if on some comedy prank show. It’s real enough, so take inventory, pulse, pat down only to discover that no permanent harm has been done……yet. Continue on and smile in defiance and at the sadistic fun that beats the baseboards inside ourselves. No matter, the rantings of the angry trickster have not deterred the enjoyment of the moment, thwarted smiles or distracted from beauty, but rather enhanced it.


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