About Jee Scapes

Welcome to JeeScapes. My name is Jon Erickson and I’m using this space to share some photos and bits of writing inspired by my travels.

Photography requires a lot of resources. An intricate web of resource utilization and potential environmental impact can be drawn for every image. To reduce the impact of my hobby and hopeful business, I strive to utilize refurbished equipment, use equipment for it’s life span or resell so it can be utilized yet again. I utilize printing and mounting services that are local and use renewable resources harvested using sustainable methods. Everything counts.

If you find an image of particular interest and would like a copy for yourself, please contact me directly until the shopping cart is set up.

Thank you for visiting Jee Scapes


6 responses to “About Jee Scapes

    • I was raised in Southern Oregon where rural livings were made on harvesting all kinds of natural resources. This area was hard hit by the changes in forest management that came with the Northwest Forest Plan and the recession. With family and friends throughout S. Oregon and N. California the “State of Jefferson” murmurs in the background. Here’s a nice link about the “State of Jefferson.”

  1. Congratulations, Jon, on a beautiful photo blog!
    Glad to have found you through the comment you left on mine and thank you for following C&C – I just started following Jee Scapes and am very much looking forward to following you in your adventures! 🙂

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